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Product Quality + Service Quality + Atmosphere = "The Johnny's Experience"
We Started Making Great Pizza for You in 1985


The Johnny’s Experience

PSA: Product Quality, Service Quality, and Atmosphere = “The Johnny's Experience”

Product Quality

Maintaining Freshness – “There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Compromise”

Selecting, monitoring and testing premium quality ingredients and the freshest toppings from Ontario farmers, using quality control standards provides superior, authentic and consistent product quality.

Traditional Recipe – Passed Down for Generations

Preparing, cooking and serving unique, fresh, homemade dough and other menu items daily using the traditional Pecorella family recipe formulated by John and Lina provides a flavorful, memorable and unparalleled dining experience, every time.

Value – “Get Your Money's Worth”

Utilizing fair, affordable and competitive pricing strategies with larger-than-average portions ensures customers get more for their money.

Service Quality

A Team that Values Customer Relationships

Recruiting, selecting and training friendly, mannerly, customer and team-oriented team members, adhering to standards of interpersonal and customer service skills, and fostering a culture that is conducive to supporting continued learning and development allow us to build and sustain quality customer relations.

Getting to Know Customers – “Sometimes You Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

Training team members to build and maintain customer profiles and order history and develop personalized customer relationships whereby the team member and customer can engage in continual feedback.


Unique Environment

Maintaining a clean, open-concept kitchen and dining area to allow the customer to engage in the preparation process provides a dining experience like no other.

A design that alludes to the history of Alliston including autographed photographs of Sir Fredrick Banting, as well as displays of rare historical photographs of the town from the early 1900s provides a family-oriented dining experience, and recognizes Alliston’s momentous heritage.

We Sell Gift Cards!

Looking for a Christmas present? We carry great gift cards that are perfect for birthdays, Christmas or special occasion presents.

They are also a great way of ensuring your kid gets a delicious lunch. Contact us for more information or to purchase a gift card.


Come See Us


Unit #1 – 312 Victoria St. E

Alliston, ON L9R 1K4



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