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Johnny’s Pizza was founded in 1983 in Shelburne, Ontario. Approximately thirty years ago John and his wife Lina, their daughter Tina, and twin boys, Roger and Sam, lived and worked in the quiet rural community which consisted of approximately 2,000 people at the time. John and Lina both shared a love for food and genuinely enjoyed cooking and preparing delicious meals for their family, as it provided a rare opportunity for valued quality time. Determined to come up with the best possible recipe, John and Lina spent 6 months experimenting with ingredients for the dough and sauce through a meticulous process of trial and error. Their family, friends, customers and neighbours happily assisted in the process to fine-tune the recipe to perfection.

John and Lina spent the majority of their time in the pizzeria ensuring that every aspect of their restaurant was functioning optimally. Husband and wife, along with a couple of staff members comprised the Johnny’s team. Word quickly spread throughout the town and business was booming. They had crafted a unique, delicious recipe and as a result needed to provide faster service to keep up with the increasing demand. Line-ups were passing through the front door, and people were willing to wait however long it took to purchase their authentic, homemade family meal.

Today, Roger and his wife, Rose, have expanded the Johnny’s tradition into the neighboring town of Alliston. Johnny’s Pizza is the epitome of outstanding pizza, panzerotti, veal, pasta and more – all prepared fresh daily. The company takes great pride in carrying on the family tradition using only the finest ingredients that meet the quality standards that have been in the family for years. The once mom and pop shop has stayed true to their quality promise and continue to exceed expectations through commitment to tradition. The Johnny’s brand has successfully disseminated throughout a vast network of people and has become a familiar household name in multiple surrounding communities.

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